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50th DNTG Anniversary Fundraiser

Help us have an amazing 50th Anniversary by purchasing one of the bags below. 


Here is how the fundraiser works:

  • Each bag has an ID number (i.e. S5, XL1, etc.). 

  • To request a bag, please email Paige Guillory.

  • Include the bag ID, your name and mailing address

  • Indicate if you wish to pick up the bag at a meeting or have it mailed to you.  Mailing is an extra $15.

  • Payment by check - please make it payable to DNTG

  • Payment by Zelle please send to - in the comment line please include 50th Anniversary Fundraiser.

Please note the sizes below are just an estimated size.

Small Bags - $30 each

Medium Bags - $35

Large Bags - $45

Extra Large Bags - $55  (Great for Knitting & Crochet projects!)

Miscellaneous Items